The amazing woman that have been part of Lipstick Diaries. 



When it comes to professionalism, this is your girl. Throughout her career, Melanie- Lewis Yribar has worked, performed with and help train Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Julianne Hough, Katharine McPhee and Britney Spears just to name a few. Therefore she definitely has her finger on the pop culture pulse. She has also personally coached Kristin Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise helping them to feel more comfortable dancing and moving on camera. Rock, hip-hop, swing, salsa, corporate events and world tours, you name it, she’s done it. Whether its sultry and sophisticated or hip-hop booty shakin she serves it up on a silver platter. Now don’t be mistaken, this native New Yorker is traditionally trained as well. Having attended performing arts school at a young age she was also trained in ballet, modern, afro-Caribbean, traditional jazz and lyrical dance. From cruise ships to corporate events, Disney themed shows to hip hop honors her resume covers it all. She has appeared on countless TV and award shows worldwide, in movies and commercials and she understands what makes this industry tick.

Production value is the key to any performance and quality is her number one priority.



Galen Hooks has been a working dancer since the age of 7 when she was a Junior Dance Champion on STAR SEARCH.  By the time she was only 13 years old, she was assistant choreographer on projects like "THAT 70's SHOW", "DONNIE DARKO" and "AUSTIN POWERS". As a dancer and choreographer she has worked with over 60 artists including BRITNEY SPEARS, JUSTIN BIEBER, RIHANNA, CHRIS BROWN, JANET JACKSON, MILEY CYRUS, PHARRELL, FERGIE & JOHN LEGEND. She has been the leading lady for USHER, MIGUEL, and most notably for NE-YO for which she served as actress, dancer and choreographer in music videos, TV performances and in his album artwork.

She is also known for her work with THE LXD: THE LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS, for which she also served as actress, dancer and choreographer in groundbreaking performances from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE to TED TALKS to three seasons of the series on Hulu and YouTube.Beyond dance, Galen has served as CONSULTING PRODUCER and HOST of YOUTUBE'S award-winning series "MASTERCLASS" on Jon Chu's DS2DIO. She worked on "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT" as the ASSOCIATE CONSULTING PRODUCER, "THE VOICE" as ASSOCIATE PERFORMANCE PRODUCER, "X FACTOR" as SUPERVISING CHOREOGRAPHER, and with DISNEY CHANNEL and RADIO DISNEY as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and CREATIVE DIRECTOR.

She is a singer-songwriter, producer, stylist and performer for her ongoing project CAMPFIRE VAUDEVILLE which recently won a WORLD DANCE AWARD and features original music by Galen.

Galen is a graduate of Penn State University and an activist for dancers' rights.  As the chair of DANCERS' ALLIANCE and board member at SAG-AFTRA, she spearheaded the historic victories in turning music videos and tours into union jobs and continues to educate and improve the dance industry for generations to come.



BRUKWINE is a Caribbean Inspired workout created by Tavia and Tamara. This provides a more feminine side to the Dancehall style. Students will learn the latest dancehall moves, how to isolate the hips, be feminine and sexy all while burning tons of calories. Brukwine is a total body workout that provides students with new and exciting ways to move.

Class starts with a warm up that consists of stretching, isolations, and learning the latest dancehall moves. Then we move on to teach routines that are easy to follow and incorporates all the elements of the warm up. 

All levels welcome, and no prior experience necessary.

Tavia and Tamara have taught several workshops in various countries and at conventions such as The PULSE, Monsters Of Hip-Hop, Nike and Reebok. They have studied dancehall for a number of years including travels to Jamaica, the birthplace of Dancehall. Their experience in performing with numerous artists makes their class a great learning experience that anyone and all levels can enjoy. They have toured over 80 countries and have performed with artists such as  Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Ciara, Diddy, Gwen Stefani and of course...Sean Paul . They can be seen is all of his classic music videos including We Be Burnin, Temperature and Like Glue. They have also been in numerous movies and commercials such as Idlewild, American Gangster, Burger King and Coca-Cola. Tavia and Tamara have recently started a movement called BRUKWINE. BRUKWINE is a Caribbean inspired class that is growing rapidly, becoming one of the most sought after dance classes/workout.